Interested in being a vendor at a Creatively Lancaster Makers Market? Great! You're in the right place.

Before you apply, please take a moment to review the info below about who we are (and are not) looking for and what to expect as a market vendor.


We're looking for makers of all kinds - crafters, bakers, upcyclers, artists, sculptors, painters, musicians, inventors, etc. If you make anything, you could be a vendor! More specifically, if you use the following words to describe your business, we're looking for you:

  • Handcrafted

  • Unique

  • One-of-a-kind

  • Small-batch, small-scale

  • Artisan

  • Quality

  • Professional

  • Etsy Shop Owner

  • Micro-business, Micro-enterprise or Start-up

The Makers Market is a curated show. Though we love makers of all kinds, unfortunately we cannot accept all applicants due to space constraints. We do our best to select a diverse group of quality makers at each event. Acceptance into previous shows does not guarantee acceptance to future shows.


If you use the following words to describe your business, unfortunately this is not the market for you:

  • Reseller

  • Direct Sales

  • Vintage Vendor (Sorry vintage vendor friends! We love vintage but being a Maker's Market, we can only accept makers. No resellers of any kind. If you're interested in other local shows accepting vintage vendors, please email us! We're happy to give you a list of our favs.)

In addition, we do not allow unprofessionalism, negativity, political paraphernalia, or illegal items/sentiments. We are a community of makers who support and encourage one another. As such, we will fiercely protect our community from any person(s) whose attitude is uncooperative, unsupportive, aggressive, demeaning, or degrading. Don't be that person. 


As a vendor at the Makers Market expect to connect with a community of like-minded creatives and an enthusiastic customer base excited to shop your wares! 

Vendors are responsible for providing all the necessary elements for their display (tables, chairs, and a trash can, if you are a food vendor). Electric and WIFI are not guaranteed and dependent on venue availability. 

Tellus360 - 6’ tabletop space

February 9th Makers Market | Tellus360 - $50
March 9th Makers Market | Tellus360 - $50

February 9th Makers Market - Dec 15
March 9th Makers Market - Jan 15

All applicants will be contacted a week after the application deadline as to the status of their application. Acceptance into previous shows does not guarantee acceptance to future shows. 

If you have any questions about being a vendor, please contact us!